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GroupWise® is an enterprise-class email, scheduling and collaboration system. It is fast, reliable, secure and feature rich. These benefits are real, but they can also strain your IT budget. GroupWise enterprise-wide administration and support can be challenging.

As with all the major groupware packages (Exchange, GroupWise, and Notes/Domino), high functionality also equates to complexity; there is a lot to know. And deploying GroupWise on appropriate high-availability hardware with redundancy can be expensive. At Stargate, we allow you to enjoy the benefits of GroupWise without the pain of administration or the expense of heavy iron.

All the Advantages and More

With Stargate GroupWise hosting, you get all the inherent advantages of the best enterprise messaging and collaboration system, plus:

  • Daily backups of your GroupWise data
  • Anti-virus scans of all incoming e-mail
  • High-security server environment with 24/7 network monitoring
  • 4 high-speed fiber optic backbone connections
  • UPS power protection with backup generators
  • GroupWise Web Access so you can access your mail, schedules, appointments, documents and address books from any web browser
  • Fully-encrypted mailboxes – even the administrator has no access to message stores
  • Free upgrades to the latest version

The Cost Savings

Why use a Hosted Solution?

  • You will never have to pay for an email server or client upgrade again.
  • You will never have to pay for an email anti-virus upgrade on your server again.
  • You will never have to pay for an email server hardware upgrade again.
  • You will never have to pay for administrator training again (or suffer the pain of trying to keep it running with an untrained administrator).
  • You will free up time for IT personnel currently doing messaging administration, so they can be re-deployed to enable the company to be more agile and quickly adjusts to changes.

Additional Benefits

Improved Reliability

We run GroupWise on clustered IBM xSeries servers from a secure data centre with redundant air conditioning and power supply systems; all these backed by our own generator. These servers are monitored 24/7. They are properly configured and kept up to current patch levels. They talk to the world over three separate internet feeds from separate vendors (Allstream, Bell, Telus and Shaw). The end result is ultra-high availability, better than 99.9%. So your email and documents are always available.

Business Continuity

In the event of fire, theft of systems or other disaster at your facility, your crucial ability to communicate electronically will still be available, as will your address books and any documents (like disaster recovery plans) that you store in the GroupWise library.

Expanded Functionality

We host a lot of different mail systems – GroupWise, Exchange, Communigate, Sendmail and more. And we get a lot of requests for customized features. This means that we can do things for you that you probably can't do for yourself. Things like mail forking, sender substitution, and format conversion. This in turn means that when you host GroupWise with us, you keep your future options open.
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