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Stargate's Load-Balanced DSL service is designed to offer clients an inexpensive way to increase their bandwidth in situations where Stargate Fiber solutions are too expensive or higher-speed services are not available. Multiple DSL connections can be combined into a single load-balanced connection.

As an example, two 6 x 1 Mbps DSL connections load-balanced together would give an effective combined speed of up to 12 x 2 Mbps.

Additional services for Load-Balanced DSL

  • With our Stargate Failsafe service, we can add cable or other connections to the mix to eliminate downtime.
  • With our Stargate Traffx service, we can control and customize which types of traffic go over each connection to improve traffic efficiency.
  • With our Stargate QoS service, we can prioritize the types of traffic over the other traffic to ensure the qualifty of service.
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