Hosting Services, Backup & Data Access

Disaster Recovery

Best-in-class solutions with local support for disaster recovery.

Messaging, Internet Email

Hosted Exchange Email Service

Enterprise email for increased productivity

Hosting Services, Application Hosting, Backup & Data Access, Web Sites, Managed Co-Location

Server Hosting

Highly-reliable server hosting in Canada

Private Networks, Managed Private Networks

Stargate SSL VPN

Secure remote network access has never been so easy.

Hosting Services, Application Hosting
Stargate ASP

Application Service Provider (ASP)

Delivering solutions that work.

Hosting Services, Backup & Data Access

BackIT Offsite Backup

Keep your important data safe and readily available by backing up to Stargate's secure datacentre.

Hosting Services, Web Sites
Web Sites

Web Site Hosting

Secure and reliable Apache-based Web hosting managed by our dedicated team of experts.


PowerSite® Web Development

A powerful, cost-effective solution for complex web sites and on-line applications.

Connectivity, Managed DSL

Managed DSL Service

Stargate provides highly-reliable, business-class DSL service

Connectivity, Managed Fiber
Managed Fiber

Stargate Managed Fiber Service

Managed fiber provides the fastest and most powerful Internet access available.

Connectivity, Resort Wireless Systems

WhistlerConnect Broadband

WhistlerConnect provides revenue-sharing wireless access for premiere Whistler resorts.

Advanced Connectivity, Failover Connections

FailSafe Internet Connection Service

Some applications are too important to trust to a single Internet connection.

Advanced Connectivity, QoS Traffic Management, VoIP-Ready Networks

Traffx Managed Bandwidth Control

Selective, intelligent routing ensures your bandwidth is effectively optimized and prioritized.

Advanced Connectivity, Load-Balanced Solutions

Load-Balanced DSL

Faster than a single DSL connection and less expensive than fiber.

Private Networks, Managed Private Networks

SecureIT Network Services

Connect your corporate offices quickly and securely with SecureIT Network Services

Messaging, Internet Email

POP3/SMTP Email Services

The worldwide standard of Internet email.

Messaging, "Spam" Filtering
Anti Spam

BlockIT "Spam" Filtering

A simple and effective defense against unsolicited e-mail.

Messaging, Virus Blocking

Inbound E-mail Virus Scanning

Stop incoming viruses before they make it to your inbox.
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