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Our qualified technicians will configure all equipment and install it on-site, testing to ensure that your Internet access is running smoothly and optimized to its greatest capacity.
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High Speed, Great Value

DSL provides high speed Internet access over telephone wires, using existing equipment and infrastructure to create a network connection from your office to Stargate Connections and on to the Internet. It is a full-time, permanently-on service that can be provisioned on an existing phone line* or a dry copper line.

*Note: Applies only to Telus Business Individual Access Line.

Stable, Consistent, Flexible

Compared to shared broadband cable, DSL is a dedicated network connection that is more stable and provides consistent, reliable performance. Cable can be restrictive as some providers lock down ports and other functions in an attempt to boost performance. With Stargate's managed DSL, you get static IP addresses at no extra cost, that permit future expansion and the flexibility to run whatever services you need.


Your Internet connection must be secure—your business depends on it. We use enterprise-grade equipment only, which offer much higher levels of security, support and performance than using DSL modems alone.

Optimum Routing, Automatic Failover

Stargate has multiple network peers and transit providers which ensures maximum Internet reliability among our Internet feeds.

The Stargate network dynamically routes traffic to and from remote sites along the best path at any given moment. If a network path suffers an outage, our Stargate network uses automatic failover to route all traffic over the remaining connections. This ensures our DSL customers receive the best performance and reliability possible.

Benefits of Managed DSL

DSL offerings are now quite common and competitively priced, but what sets Stargate's offerings apart from the rest are the benefits of managed DSL service:

Network Monitoring

We continually monitor our DSL network to ensure sufficient bandwidth is available, even at peak times, so users are not competing for resources. As usage increases, we expand the "pipe" so that our customers always have contention-free access. Our client support portal provides our customers with access to monitor their own network connection usages.

Proactive Issue Resolution

By keeping a close watch on the network, our team of professionals can respond immediately when customer issues arise, even before our customers are aware of it. Our 24/7 dedicated response team is automatically notified, any time day or night.

Optimization through BGP (Broder Gateway Protocol)

Along with its inherent optimization abilities, BGP allows Stargate Connections' expert technicians to adjust network settings as required, ensuring optimum Internet performance is always attained.

Coverage Across Canada

Through our partnerships with Telus and Bell Canada, Stargate Connections can provide managed DSL service to customers in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. This allows Stargate to provide one-stop service to businesses having multiple branch offices in these provinces.
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