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The importance of an Internet connection for business has grown over the years. Businesses are now relying on their Internet connection more than ever as they host services locally like Internet mail, web sites, remote desktop servers, etc. Plus, as more businesses rely on Internet Cloud services and Internet-hosted VoIP solutions, Internet access has become mission-critical. It is very important that the Internet is highly available to these businesses.

The most unreliable part of an Internet connection is the "last mile" segment of the connection, especially for broadband types of connection services like DSL and cable. Stargate offers a value-added service to improve the availability of such services. We refer to it as FailSafe.

FailSafe provides insurance for last-mile connectivity issues. It extends the high availability of the Stargate core network to the customer premise by providing multiple network connections to the customer network. The service will automatically fail over to the customer's backup connection once it senses the primary connection down, typically within 10 seconds. No manual intervention is required from the customer or Stargate to switch over to use the backup network connection.

The business’ public IP addresses will also remain the same when operating on the backup connection unlike other failover solutions, where the public IP addresses would typically change.  As such, the business does not need to worry about managing a failover device or making annoying IP address and DNS changes during a failover.

Single-source provider

Stargate can provide additional network connections for the Stargate FailSafe.  These connections may be Fibre, T1, EoD, DSL or cable connections. The customer will then have a single point of contact for both service and billing.
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