stco_ad_traffx_430pxw.jpg Selective, intelligent routing ensures your bandwidth is effectively optimized and prioritized.
Make sure your most important Internet traffic always has top priority over the least important.
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The Problem...

Ever had an urgent e-mail delayed because a large multimedia presentation was streaming somewhere else in the office? Or, have you ever had your new VoIP connection suffer from poor latency and breakups because a large file download was taking most of your valuable bandwidth?

The Solution...

Introducing Traffx Managed Bandwidth Control, Stargate Connections' newest corporate Internet service. Traffx is a customizable solution that allows Stargate to optimize and prioritize your Internet bandwidth to provide the highest QoS (Quality of Service) for all of your critical business functions.

Traffx manages your Internet traffic by labelling packets based on content and then routing these packets through defined bandwidth partitions. Partitions can be assigned priorities and limits, and can be divided among several disparate ISP connections. Automatic failover is also supported through Stargate's Failsafe service (available separately).

By partitioning traffic in this manner, each type of connection is given the bandwidth it requires while avoiding bandwidth hogging by less important traffic. Critical functions are given top priority in speed and access while less critical functions are limited to more restrictive partitions. This ensures your important information will always get through when it needs to.
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