stco_ad_virus-scan_430pxw.jpg Stop incoming viruses before they make it to your inbox.
E-mail virus scanning adds another layer of defense on top of desktop scanning software.
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Desktop virus scanning software is a must. Nearly all new PCs are sold with it, and yearly subscriptions are strongly encouraged to keep virus definitions up-to-date.

But the primary drawback of desktop virus scanning software is that it only detects viruses after they have been downloaded to your computer. If something goes wrong, the virus is already there, potentially able to inflict its dangerous objectives.

Stop Viruses BEFORE They Arrive

Most viruses are spread via e-mail, so the best defense is to block viruses at the source. Stargate Connections' Inbound E-mail Virus Scanning service does just that. It stops viruses before they get transmitted to your computer.

Not only that, the service also stops viruses before they make it to our e-mail server entirely. Stargate Connections refuses the infected message so it remains on the last server relaying to us. This not only keeps subscribers of the service protected, it helps Stargate maintain a secure network for everyone.

Constantly Updated

Virus programmers are clever, constantly creating sly workarounds and new techniques at every turn. Stargate keeps up, checking for updated virus definitions every 15 minutes. This ensures our virus scanning service is ready for the most current attacks known.

Available To All

One benefit of Stargate's service is that it can be deployed outside of Stargate Connections. Businesses that have their email hosted internally or by another ISP can take advantage of Stargate Connections' Inbound E-mail Virus Scanning service. Only a few simple configuration changes are needed on the receiving e-mail host.
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