Managed Fiber

Managed fiber provides the fastest and most powerful internet access available.

Stargate's Managed Fiber service connects to your network with standard ethernet interfaces.

When it comes to internet speeds, customers are often preoccupied by the high download speeds advertised by some providers. However, a faster upload speed is also critical as businesses increasingly use the internet to upload large files, videos, and conduct video conferencing. Symmetrical fiber connections provide truly fast and reliable internet to businesses.


  • High access speeds of E10, E100 and GigE
  • Full-duplex fiber
  • Multi-homed internet connectivity
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) guaranteeing network performance

Stargate Fiber is available in most metropolitan locations; however, both cost and availability are determined at the time of inquiry.

Where fiber is too expensive or not practical, Stargate's Load-Balanced service should be considered as a low cost alternative.