Failsafe Business Internet

Some applications are too important to trust to a single Internet connection.

Stargate's Failsafe service provides two types of internet connections to ensure our customers do not lose internet access.

While the primary connection is in production, customers can also take advantage of the backup connection to use it for certain types of traffic.


  • Multiple internet connections
  • Automatic failover
  • Static IPs regardless of provider
  • Single point of service & billing
  • Enhanced reliability

Failsafe provides insurance for last-mile connectivity issues. It extends the high availability of the Stargate core network to the customer's premises by providing multiple network connections to the customer network. The service will automatically fail over to the customer's backup connection once it senses the primary connection is down, typically within 10 seconds. No manual intervention is required from the customer or Stargate to switch over to the backup network connection.

Redundant connections can be a combination of fibre, T1, EoD, DSL, WiFi or cable connections.