PowerSite® Web Development

A powerful, cost-effective solution for complex websites and custom on-line applications.

Version 2.90 now released!

PowerSite® is Stargate Connections' advanced development service for creating custom, structured websites and web applications. It's a combination of our own in-house software coupled with rapid development and maintenance services.

PowerSite was created to allow companies and other organizations to operate complex, interactive websites that can be maintained over the internet using any ordinary web browser. No special skills or knowledge of HTML are required. We do all the programming for you, and customize the administration interfaces to suit your workflow. Administrative access is available 24/7 from any internet connection.

Security is paramount, not an afterthought, so every PowerSite is protected by a comprehensive set of robust security controls.

More than a CMS

PowerSite is more versatile than a typical content management system (CMS) — it's a full-fledged development service for creating any type of custom web application. Distributed databases, on-line contests, product catalogues, document libraries, customer relationship management systems (CRM) and e-business solutions can be built using PowerSite.

Pages are fully interactive and data-aware so they can include important features such as reporting, sorting, grouping, calculating, graphing, drawing, importing, exporting, automatic notifications and more.

The fully-customizable nature of PowerSite means its capabilities are unlimited. To date, we have built every type of application requested by our customers no matter how unique or unusual.

Sites Using PowerSite

See how select Stargate Connections clients have benefited from PowerSite:

Featured Site: Encorp Pacific (Canada) www.return-it.ca

  • A vast amount of information for the public including searchable databases of depot locations and recyclable beverage containers
  • School recycling contest featuring on-line registration, administration, reporting and real-time results
  • Many secure areas for internal stakeholders such as brand owners, depot operators and employees with various e-business applications (ordering, reporting, etc.)

Featured Sites: MCI Canada (Vancouver)

MCI Group is a company with world-wide presence that has used PowerSite to create several time-limited conference websites. The flexibility of PowerSite allows them host multiple sites at different domains with just one installation. A cleverly-designed template system allows each site to be themed entirely through CSS. Their latest upcoming events include:


BC Recycles: www.bcrecycles.ca

ComNav Marine Ltd.: www.comnavmarine.com

Many sites/applications using PowerSite are not public. However, private demos may be given upon request.

Types of applications built with PowerSite

To date, we have developed sites with features such as:

  • Web pages with full WYSIWYG editing and hierarchical navigation
  • Corporate directories of businesses and people
  • Restricted, members-only intranets and extranets
  • News listings and archives
  • Event calendars and scheduling applications
  • Product catalogues
  • Shopping carts (with payment processing provided by third-party services)
  • Registration forms with approval, confirmation and reporting systems
  • Data entry forms with complete online management, reporting and exporting
  • Polls and surveys with multi-step, conditional processing
  • Online training and testing systems with automatic scoring and reporting
  • Blogs with commenting
  • Online newsletters, with each article in an issue submitted by staff but approved by an editor
  • Media libraries, galleries and slideshows consisting of downloadable files, photos and videos
  • Internal banner ad management
  • Online dictionaries and glossaries
  • Classified ads with online placement, management and approval, including an "export to magazine print provider" feature
  • Employment listings with online application forms, reporting and management
  • Email forms and online email readers
  • Email subscription lists with mass emailing functions
  • Instant messaging systems
  • Integrated Google Maps with custom markers and geolocation search features
  • Integration with social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter
  • Exported RSS feeds
  • Site deployment tools (multiple sites served from the same PowerSite installation)
  • Built-in mobile and printer-friendly views via responsive design

Stargate develops these applications using the framework provided in every PowerSite installation. No external modules or plugins need to be purchased. All that's required is the configuration of each section and creation of one or more view templates.

Benefits over WordPress

As of April 2019, over 33% of the web uses WordPress. It's easy to use and versatile. It's also available for free, making it very popular.

Unfortunately, WordPress has a significant number of security concerns. We've witnessed a great many security problems encountered by our WordPress-using customers over the years, and the attacks against WordPress sites are escalating.

Many important security features that should be present in a modern web application are not built into WordPress by default. They require the addition of third-party plugins as an afterthought. However, the ability to install plugins, themes, and updates from the WordPress dashboard also provides the openings required by malicious actors to access and change the server-side programming.

PowerSite does not allow users to install or update server-side programming themselves. We do all of that work for you. In its 22+ years of existence, no PowerSite installation has ever been compromised.

WordPress owners must keep diligent about upgrades, patches and maintenance themselves, or pay for a maintenance contract offered by their developers (which, if you are using WordPress, we strongly recommend).

Whereas, every PowerSite installation comes backed by Stargate's commitment to on-going security and performance maintenance, which is included in the basic hosting fee. The only services that incur additional fees are programming, design and content updates that you request we perform for you.