Hospitality WiFi

In the highly-competitive world of hospitality, providing the best guest experience is paramount.

One of the most frequent complaints from guests is having a poor internet connection. In fact, the availability of a fast, and reliable WiFi service has become a check-list item when deciding on a place to stay—be it a hotel, a resort, a motel, or even a campsite. Many places may already have some form of WiFi solution in place, but the challenge is to improve the overall connectivity and thereby improve the guest experience.

Why do you need to improve on internet connectivity?

Wireless device usage has never been more prevalent and is still growing at a very rapid pace. According to industry reports through Gartner, there will be 34-billion connected devices by 2020! The demand for higher speeds, more bandwidth, and higher reliability will be even more important than it already is today. Are you ready?

At Stargate, we have been providing network services to our clients for over 20 years. Since we are also an Internet Service Provider (ISP), we can provision the entire network solution to our clients. We will walk you through all available options on services and support, along with a flexible procurement plan. We will also work with your existing providers for telephones, applications, and physical security, etc. to ensure that the network meets or exceeds the requirements so that you are in a strong position to face the connectivity challenges of tomorrow.

Our WiFi solution is based on enterprise-grade equipment from Cambium Networks. These products are made to last, and they are programmed, installed, and supported by Stargate.

Let us be your guide, from the initial discovery, to a site survey, to planning, and all the way to deployment. Act now to see if you qualify for a free site survey. Please give us a call at 604-606-8999 or email us at at your convenience.

Site Survey

  • Check available internet services to location
  • Check area of coverage
  • Check dark zones with no signal
  • Check WiFi standard supported
  • Suggestions for possible upgrades