Hosted Exchange

Enterprise email for increased productivity

Hosted Exchange is one of the most widely used business email systems. Its uses range from communicating and scheduling to planning and task management.

Exchange is an advanced business messaging platform. It is a lot more than just a mail service. It not only allows users to have access to their mail in real-time across multiple devices but also includes modern features like calendaring, contact, scheduling, collaboration and to-do lists that also automatically synchronizes across all user devices. It stores both users' incoming and outgoing messages on the mail server with multi-GB capacity such that each users' email does not need to be backed up independently. Exchange allows users to easily collaborate by sharing resources through it.

We provide highly available, managed instances of Exchange for any size business. Scale your operation up as required and rest assured it will be available when you need it most. Your exchange servers are hosted in our own fully managed data centers, in Canada, with advanced anti-virus and anti-spam software. Our premium Exchange hosting service provides corporate wide support that includes PCs and Macs using Outlook, mobile devices (smart phones and tablets including BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, and iPhones), as well as all major web browsers through Outlook Web Access.  Our team understands the importance of emails to business, and offer a cost effective solution with no headaches for our clients.

We understand that email is a mission critical application. Any change to this has the associated challenges and possible disruptions to your business. You can rest assured that our technical team will make this change and migration a painless experience with minimum disruption to your business.


  • Custom mailboxes (email@yourdomain)
  • Includes enterprise-grade anti-spam
  • Scalable to your business’s size
  • Fully managed
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) available
  • Highly Available infrastructure
  • Tech support
  • Daily backup on server
  • Optional email archiving and email continuity services
  • Integrates with various Microsoft Office applications