SecureIT Private WAN

Connect your corporate offices quickly and securely with SecureIT Network Services

We provide all of the connectivity, tunneling and firewall expertise required to expand your network as the needs of your business change.


  • Secure and fully-encrypted tunnels
  • Centralized firewalling
  • Scalability to add new locations
  • Static IPs and custom NAT rules

SecureIT Metro

SecureIT Metro directly links together your branch offices over a private, layer-2 IP network. Without the need for data encryption between sites, deployment is fast, secure and cost-effective. SecureIT Metro is available on Stargate-provided layer-2* connections all across Canada.

SecureIT Remote

Link remote offices and users to your corporate private network. Using best-of-breed VPN tunnels, connections are established from anywhere in the world and managed centrally by Stargate Connections. Customers who have non-Stargate-provided layer-2 connections can also participate.


Enables users to securely access their corporate SecureIT Metro WAN anywhere in the world that has internet access. No special software is required, making deployment a breeze.

SecureIT Gateway

Ensures the protection of your corporate private network – all day, every day – via a carrier-grade virtual firewall. Monitored and managed 24/7 for your peace of mind.

*such as Fibre, EoD, T1 or DSL connections