Secure remote network access has never been so easy.

Stargate's SSL VPN is a revolutionary solution for accessing your corporate network remotely.

Any modern web browser – whether on a desktop, laptop, netbook, smart phone, PDA or other handheld device – can be used to access the shared files and resources on your network. No special software is required, making deployment a breeze.


  • Reach all your networks in once place
  • Fully encrypted, all the time
  • Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

How It Works

The remote user navigates to the SSL VPN host URL for your domain, such as:

They then enter their username and password. Once authenticated, a menu of available functions appears directly within their browser:

  • Web Bookmarks, a list of pre-configured (and optionally user-defined) links to your secure Web applications
  • Links to the files and folders of your network shares. Users may download, upload, or delete files as well as create and remove folders (as permitted).
  • Access to launch secure terminal sessions, including Citrix
  • Applets for launching Client Application Sessions, which enable desktop programs such as Remote Desktop to route through the SSL VPN automatically

Once the user has completed their session and logs out, all caches and temporary files related to the secure session are deleted, ensuring no sensitive information remains on the remote device.

Stargate provides SSL VPN as a fully-managed service. We take care of setup as well as managing users, group policies and application access. You only need to decide the level of security you require. Options include:

  • determining access on a per-user, per-group and/or per-application basis
  • setting limits by device type and/or IP address
  • auditing the security of the remote device, such as scanning for malware or confirming the presence of anti-virus and/or firewall software