Web Development + Hosting

Secure and reliable Apache-based web hosting managed by our dedicated team of experts.

Stargate's creative professionals provide technical expertise in website and web application development.

Our approach puts security and user experience as top priorities. This creates a safer and more efficient experience for you, your visitors and your users.

Hosting Services

  • Website Hosting
  • DNS Hosting
  • SFTP Hosting
  • SSL Certificates

Creative Services

  • HTML, CSS, ColdFusion, PHP + JavaScript coding
  • Data modelling + reporting in MySQL
  • Video production services
  • Basic Web Design

Stargate's primary expertise is in markup, coding and media preparation. We are extremely comfortable working on projects with third-party designers and creative directors who provide the vision for your website or application, which we then build into a working, functional site.

Website Hosting Packages Available

Package Site Size (storage) Bandwidth (traffic) MySQL Databases
Web Lite 25MB 1GB/month None
Web Level 1 500MB 5GB/month Up to 1
Web Level 2 2GB 10GB/month Up to 3
Web Level 3 5GB 20GB/month Up to 5
Web Level 4 10GB 100GB/month Up to 7

All packages above include:

  • Website Control Panel via cPanel®
  • Free SSL certificates for "https" domains
  • PHP server-side scripting support (runs apps like WordPress, Drupal, etc.)
  • Support for custom error pages (e.g. 404 Page Not Found)
  • Access to on-line statistical reports
  • SFTP access

Note 1: PowerSite is hosted as a separate service with a different feature set.

Note 2: Customers are urged to maintain their own website backups using the provided tools, especially those customers using WordPress or other content management software.

Experts in HTML and CSS

A recent trend from some of our customers has been a move away from vulnerable platforms such as WordPress or Drupal, and back to the security and simplicity of static HTML websites.

We've maintained expertise in the core languages HTML and CSS, which has given us an advantage in making small and efficient websites. Modern practices result in sites that are easy to maintain, very fast to load, and adjust their layout via "responsive design" for the myriad of screen sizes in use today.

Some of the static HTML sites we have created or converted:

PowerSite® Web Development

For customers that require the ability to update their own content easily and/or support complex web applications, Stargate Connections also offers our exclusive PowerSite® Web Development platform. We use the same HTML and CSS techniques but incorporate our customizable back-end framework for easy maintenance. It's an experience our customers find superior to WordPress and it's much safer as well.

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