Web Development + Hosting

Secure and reliable Apache-based web hosting managed by our dedicated team of experts.

Stargate's creative professionals provide technical expertise in website and web application development.

Our approach puts security and user experience as top priorities. For many web designers, the technical side is simply a necessary evil. Our focus is on how the web works internally. This in turn creates a safer and more efficient experience for you, your visitors and your users.


  • HTML, CSS, ColdFusion, PHP + JavaScript coding
  • Data modelling + reporting in MySQL
  • Video production services
  • Web Design
  • Web Hosting
  • FTP Hosting
  • SSL certificate services

Stargate's primary expertise is in markup, coding and media preparation. We are extremely comfortable working on projects with third-party designers and creative directors who provide the vision for your website or application, which we then build into a working, functional site.

Hosting Packages Available

PackageSite Size (storage)Bandwidth (traffic)MySQL Databases
Lite 25MB 1GB/month None
Level 1 500MB 5GB/month Up to 1
Level 2 2GB 10GB/month Up to 3
Level 3 5GB 20GB/month Up to 5
Level 4 10GB 100GB/month Up to 7

All above web site hosting services include:

  • Web Site Control Panel
  • PHP server-side scripting support (runs apps like WordPress, Drupal, etc.)
  • Support for custom error pages (e.g. 404 Page Not Found)
  • Access to on-line statistical reports
  • FTP access*

*FTP access not available for sites using PowerSite.