Upgrade from PHP 8.0 to PHP 8.3

PHP is the server-side scripting language that runs on several web servers hosted at Stargate Connections. This language is used by many common web applications such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, and many custom websites and web form processors.

PHP has a regular upgrade cycle, and on November 26, 2023, PHP Version 8.0, the current default running on our cPanel web server, reached end-of-life. As such, we have installed two of the most-recent versions in order to support the latest security enhancements and fixes:

  • PHP Version 8.3 (recommended)
  • PHP Version 8.2 (* available fallback; support ends December 8, 2025)

Then on Wednesday, February 7, 2024, we will switch over to PHP 8.3 (the latest version) as the default for all customers. If anyone encounters problems with their websites after the switch, they will be able to temporarily switch back to PHP 8.2 or PHP 8.0 until their problems can be resolved.

We are encouraging all customers that host PHP-driven websites at Stargate — especially WordPress sites — to take the opportunity to test their site for compatibility with PHP 8.3 prior to the switch. This version is already installed as an alternative option, and customers and/or their developers can switch to it at any time for testing purposes.

How to Test PHP 8.3 Early

  1. Log into your cPanel interface at https://sg-bby-cpanel0.stargate.ca:2083

  2. In the Software panel, open the MultiPHP Manager

  1. Activate the checkbox next to your domain

  2. Change the PHP Version in the drop-down list to "PHP 8.3 (ea-php83)"

  3. Press Apply

At this point your website will be running under PHP Version 8.3. Check all of your pages and test all of your interactive features such as web forms, WordPress administration, etc. Use the cPanel File Manager or SFTP access to check for any "error_log" files that have been generated. These will contain reports of PHP warnings and fatal error messages.

IMPORTANT: If any errors are encountered, you must resolve the problems to ensure your website works properly. You may temporarily switch back to PHP 8.2 or PHP 8.0 as necessary, but we strongly urge you to continue working towards running your site under PHP 8.3. Customers continuing to use PHP 8.0 do so at their own risk. That version will receive no further security updates, even if new vulnerabilities are found. PHP 8.0 will eventually be removed from the server at a later date (yet to be determined).

Stargate will be undertaking these updates for customers who use us as their web developer. Other customers will need to contact their current web developer and/or update their websites themselves (e.g. WordPress) by ensuring the core application, plugins, and themes are current and up-to-date, as handled through those applications' dashboards.

For any customers who have lost access to their original developers, please read our support page on Changing Website Developers.